What's Included in Our Price


True-to-grade lumber and flooring from the number one lumber supplier in the USA.

true moisture testing

Calcium Chloride Tests -- Three (3) for the first 1000 sq. ft. and one (1) for every 1000 sq. ft. of additional area.


professional sand and finishing

Our professional sand and finish crews are experienced in all types of finishes. This experience lends them the ability to judge distinguishable differences and the varying appearances of finished floors; from natural to colored floors. And of course, our crews respect your trades’ finished work.

professional installation

Never sub-contracted. You will see the same skilled craftsmen on your projects time after time. Not uncommon for builders to see these same craftsmen on different job sites spanning 20 – 30 years. We adhere to National Wood Flooring standards and specifications.


care and maintenance

Maintenance procedures are completely explained and thorough demonstrations are done with the home owner(s). Documentation of all materials and products used for your flooring installation and/or finish provided for your files. Maintenance materials provided to get your client started on the right foot.


Urethane mastic (moisture cure urethane adhesives specifically designed for hardwood flooring), not latex or glues. Three (3) coat finishes.